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THE POINT for Middle & High School Students - Kids Church - Men & Women Groups - Nursery/Preschool 


our values


1)  We value a personal relationship with God as foundational to understanding all of life and its purpose.

2)  We value loving God and loving others as our most important responsibilities in life.

3)  We value following Jesus Christ as the only way to God, as the only human we should desire to be like, and His Word as the final authority on how to live our lives.

4)  We value the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit as our most important asset that empowers us to do what we cannot do without Him both individually and corporately.

5)  We value worship, the deep desire to spend time in God's presence and the desire to live my life in a way that shows God as my highest priority.

6)  We value fellowship of church family as God's plan for us spiritually that we should not live as spiritual orphans.  We believe unity of the church family should be protected regardless of sacrifice.

7)  We value the family unit as God's plan for marriage and children and His primary discipleship method for teaching us to love God, love others, and to serve.

8)  We value servant leadership and ministry.  We believe all are called to serve God by finding their ministry and meeting the needs of others without expecting anything in return.

9)  We value reaching the "nations" through evangelism.  We believe each person in our church has a "nation" to reach made up of persons with whom they have common experiences, language and interests.

10) We value diversity - intentionally seeking diversity by encouraging unconditional acceptance of people different than ourselves.

11) We value spiritual health.  We believe worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission (evangelism) are essential to our spiritual health both personally and corporately.

Upcoming Events

February 27
Monday 5:30 PM
The elders pray every Monday for our congregation and church. If you would like to come have the elders to pray for you personally, please contact the church office.
Hospitality Room
February 28
Tuesday 10:30 AM
March 01
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Our midweek youth service for grades 6-12, that includes such things as our youth praise band, games, prizes, snacks available in our snack area, lounge area, video games, funny videos, powerful Spirit-led prayer response times and engaging Biblical teaching/preaching. Come and bring a friend!
The Launch Pad
March 01
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Kids Church
March 02
Thursday 5:00 PM
Worship Arts Room
March 02
Thursday 6:30 PM
COTN Sanctuary

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